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Sedation Dentistry in Aliso Viejo, CA

Stress-Free Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry with Dr. Tafreshi

Feeling stressed or anxious before a dental procedure is a normal experience shared by many patients, regardless of age. Unfortunately, this can cause some to avoid receiving the necessary dental care they require. However, there's no need to worry; we offer safe and reliable dental sedation options to make your treatment stress-free and relaxing. By alleviating your concerns, we can efficiently complete your procedure without compromising your comfort with Sedation Dentistry.

Our experienced Aliso Viejo dentist, Reza A. Tafreshi, DDS, prioritizes comfort throughout your procedures to ensure your well-being and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment. 

Faster Procedures

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry can be a great solution for patients who experience dental anxiety or have a low pain tolerance. It's also an excellent option for those who have a dental phobia and may avoid necessary dental care due to previous bad experiences or fears of undergoing certain procedures.

Unfortunately, delaying essential dental procedures can lead to the worsening of your condition over time, potentially requiring more invasive and costly treatments. That's why it's essential to seek dental care promptly. Our reliable sedation techniques can help make your treatment stress-free and painless, allowing us to complete your procedure efficiently and comfortably.

During your procedure with sedation dentistry Aliso Viejo experienced dentist, Reza A. Tafreshi DDS, will monitor your comfort closely and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment. Unlike general anesthesia, dental sedation will keep you conscious throughout the procedure, allowing you to communicate with our team if necessary. Most sedation techniques are used in conjunction with a local anesthetic or painkiller to ensure you remain pain-free and comfortable throughout your entire treatment.

No Fear

What are the benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry has emerged as an effective and painless solution for dental anxiety. Depending on the level of sedation required, various options are available, including oral sedation, nitrous oxide, IV sedation, and general anesthesia.

At our practice in Aliso Viejo Sedation dentistry offers numerous benefits, including anxiety relief for nervous patients, anterograde amnesia that prevents the creation of new memories, a reduction in the gag reflex, pain relief, and a faster procedure for both the dentist and the patient. This pain-free option is especially beneficial for individuals who have been avoiding dental care due to fear and anxiety and can allow them to receive the care they need without discomfort. If you have been putting off dental work due to anxiety, sedation dentistry may be the perfect solution for you.

Sedation Dentistry in Aliso Viejo, CA

Here by Your Side

Your Sedation Dentistry Consultation

During your consultation, our experienced dental team will discuss your concerns and help determine which sedation method is best for you based on your unique needs and medical history.

We will also provide detailed instructions on how to prepare for your sedation appointment, including any dietary restrictions or necessary transportation arrangements. Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident about your sedation experience and that you receive the dental care you need without fear or discomfort. If you have any questions or concerns about sedation dentistry, our team is here to help and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your dental treatment.

Prioritizing Comfort

Your Sedation Dentistry Procedure

We offer a range of sedation options to help you get through your treatments with ease. During your consultation, Dr. Tafreshi will discuss your options with you and help you determine the best choice to alleviate your anxiety symptoms and ensure a successful procedure.

One of the options in sedation dentistry we offer is IV conscious sedation. With this method, a sedative is administered intravenously, inducing a euphoric state of deep relaxation almost immediately. Dr. Tafreshi can monitor your comfort levels and adjust the dosage as needed, and you'll be conscious throughout the procedure and able to respond to any questions.

Oral conscious sedation is another option. In this case, oral sedatives are administered in the form of a pill, taken prior to your appointment, to help you achieve a state of relaxation. Patients report feeling drowsy and sometimes falling asleep during their procedure, and you may not remember much afterward.

Finally, we offer nitrous oxide, commonly known as "laughing gas." This colorless and odorless gas is inhaled through a mask, providing a sense of well-being and relaxation throughout the procedure.

Safety First

Sedation Dentistry Recovery and Aftercare

If you opt for IV or oral sedation, arranging for a driver to take you home safely after your treatment is crucial. In the case of oral sedation, you'll also need someone to bring you to your appointment. However, after receiving nitrous oxide, you may feel comfortable enough to drive yourself home once the effects have subsided. Safety is our top priority, so please plan accordingly and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Sedation Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

While sedation dentistry is generally safe, it may not be recommended for patients with certain medical conditions or those taking certain medications. Therefore, disclosing all medical history and medications to your dentist before undergoing sedation is essential.

The duration of sedation will depend on the type of sedation used and the individual patient. For example, the effects of oral and IV sedation may last for several hours, while nitrous oxide wears off quickly.

It depends on the level of sedation used. With oral or inhaled sedation, you will be conscious but relaxed. With IV sedation, you may experience a deeper level of sedation and may not remember much of the procedure afterward.

Your dentist will provide specific instructions regarding eating and drinking before the procedure. You should not eat or drink anything for several hours before receiving IV or oral sedation. With nitrous oxide, you can eat and drink normally before the procedure.

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