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Dental Technology in Aliso Viejo, CA


Dental Technology in Aliso Viejo

We take pride in offering cutting-edge technologies to enhance our patients' dental experience. Our advanced dental technology and equipment enable us to provide high-quality dental care that is both efficient and comfortable. We employ several state-of-the-art technologies, including 3D CT-Scan Navigation, prime scanner, Cone Beam CT-Scan, designer software, digital scanning for crowns, and Laser Pocket Reduction. These technologies allow us to accurately diagnose and treat dental problems, design precise treatment plans, and provide optimal care to our patients.

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Dental Technology at AVF Dental Group

The technique called X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation system employs computer software and CT 3D imaging to assist in the precise placement of dental implants. This method guarantees a robust and durable tooth replacement by ensuring optimal and accurate implant positioning. To learn more about implant surgery and other treatments with Aliso Viejo dentist, Dr. Reza Tafreshi, schedule a consultation with us today.

This system improves dentistry processes in these ways:

How Dental Technology Enhances Implants

Easy navigation for better control — The patent-pending X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation makes it easy for dentists to look at the screen and concentrate on one dynamic focal point to assist in precisely guiding the surgical implant. This improves the function and aesthetic outcomes.

Confident planning — The X-Guide features elaborate planning software that facilitates all factors for the ideal implant location. Our Dentist in Aliso Viejo can visualize the placement of virtual teeth for better aesthetic planning.

Precise placement — The X-Guide’s navigation technology delivers the first, single-view guidance of implant position, angle, and depth. This enables us to provide same-day implant placement for many patients.

Dental Technology in Aliso Viejo

3D Imaging emits less radiation than traditional imaging

What are the benefits of 3D Imaging?

Compared to traditional CT scans and film X-rays, dental cone beam CT machines emit significantly less radiation, resulting in brief and minimal exposure. If desired, you can be covered with a lead vest. It's critical to inform your dentist if you're pregnant before receiving any type of 3-D X-ray or X-ray. The 3-D X-ray scanner captures a digital 3-D image instantly, eliminating the need to wait for the film to develop. The digital nature of the images also makes sharing your scans with any specialist dentists involved in your treatment, such as an orthodontist or prosthodontist, a breeze.

This type of imaging supports dentistry in a number of ways:

What are the usages of 3D navigation?

Dental Implant Restoration Planning– dentists use 3D imaging tools to help them determine which areas of the jaw bone are suitable for implants. The planning software also gives periodontists and oral surgeons the ability to use a guided surgery approach for dental implant placement.

Root Canals & Wisdom Teeth Extraction – the ability to “rotate” a tooth in 3D provides endodontists (root canal specialists) and oral surgeons with additional measurement information as well as details about the shape and location of tooth roots. Having this information in advance of treatment helps your dentist and specialists plan for procedures.

Alternative to Intraoral X-rays – for patients that are unable to tolerate X-rays taken inside the mouth, cone beam imaging affords us the opportunity to take a comfortable image in just seconds and complete your dental examination.

Orthodontic Treatment – multiple views, along with standard views of teeth and facial structures provide our orthodontist with diagnostic information to help anticipate tooth movement and eruption in managing orthodontic treatment.

3D Cone Beam Imaging integrates directly with CEREC® restorative technology. CEREC® CAD-CAM software works with a rendered 3D image of the dental implant to assist the dentist in designing a custom restoration to fit the implant and restore healthy function to your smile.

Technologically Advanced

Your Technology Consultation

In dentistry, as in other healthcare fields, the ability to “see” skeletal structures, nerves, and muscles is a major part of the diagnostic process. 3D radiographic imaging technology is used to assist dentists in visualizing teeth, jaw bone, and other anatomical landmarks of the head and neck. 3D Cone Beam Imaging is an exciting technology – in one visit, dentists are able to acquire comprehensive diagnostic images and discuss treatment options with you, all in the comfort of our own facility.

How 3D dental imaging works

Your 3D Imaging Procedure

Obtaining a 3-D dental scan is a quick, painless procedure that requires no prior preparation and takes only a few minutes. The cone beam CT scanner, which is mounted on an arm, revolves around your head while you stand or sit beneath it. You'll be instructed to rest your chin on a specialized platform, and the scanner's height can be adjusted to ensure your comfort. While being scanned, your only job is to remain as motionless as possible. 

Typically, the scan takes less than 30 seconds. Unlike bite-wing X-rays, 3-D X-rays don't necessitate biting down on a sensor, but you may be asked to bite on a small, disposable tab to guarantee proper alignment. For accurate imaging, your face should be centered, and your mouth should be level. A brace or strap may be used to immobilize your head. Before the scan, the technician will verify that you're in the proper position.

Technology Frequently Asked Questions

Although utilizing X-Navigation/X-Guide for your diagnosis and treatment may slightly increase the overall cost compared to traditional methods, the benefits of using this technology justify the added expense. The total cost of your treatment plan will depend on factors such as the number of dental implants required and your insurance coverage. Prior to performing X-Navigation/X-Guide or any related procedures, we will discuss the expected overall costs and review payment options to ensure transparency and understanding.

Because everyone has different coverages, we will examine your insurance on a case-by-case basis to ensure it is affordable for you.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive oral health treatment to all our patients. Our team, led by Dr. Tafreshi, believes that a solid doctor-patient relationship is built on mutual trust and respect. We work closely with each patient to establish a lifelong partnership and provide personalized treatment plans. We want you to feel empowered in making decisions about your oral health. Don't let dental care be a luxury out of reach; we believe a beautiful smile is easily achievable for everyone. Schedule an appointment today, and let us help you achieve your dental goals.

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