Surgical Block Bone Graft

A block bone graft is done when there is a large section of bone that is missing. That area of missing bone is usually the outer wall of bone that faces your cheek. A block bone graft is needed when there is no way to put particulate bone particles into a “hole” like an extraction socket.

Why get removable partial dentures?

  • Bone grafting can help repair your smile and restore it to its former glory. Bone grafts provide the necessary foundation for dental implants and can restore functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Bone grafting also halts and prevents further jaw recession, meaning you will gain back lost bone mass and prevent this bone mass from being reabsorbed.

  • Bone grafting has been associated with high success rates in coordination with dental implants. Since the bone grafting material is harvested from another area of your body, there is no risk of rejection and dental implants placed with a bone graft are just as strong as those set in naturally-occuring bone.

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Did You Know?

Bone grafting is a common procedure and is performed quite frequently. Since many people who are in need of dental implants have suffered from bone reabsorption, many of these patients require bone grafts before obtaining implants.

The Bone Grafting Process

The first step in the bone grafting process is to have your dentist take x-rays and determine what areas are in need of bone grafts. Then, you will be properly anesthetized so your dentist can perform the bone grafting procedure. During the procedure, your dentist will make a small incision in your gums and place the grafting material as needed into the jaw bone. The incision will be closed with sutures and you will be sent home to recover. It takes about three months for the grafted bone tissue to grow into actual bone, and once this occurs you can move forward with having your dental implants placed. In some cases, bone grafting and dental implant placement may happen in the same procedure.

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