3D Navigation

The X-Guide system elevates the capabilities of cone beam 3D imaging, which allows clinicians to plan precisely before a surgery, and put that blueprint into practice during a live procedure. If you are considering dental implants, you want peace of mind. Dr.Reza, his team and technology like the X-Nav will give it all to you.

The X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System works with just a few steps:

  • X-Clip: The doctor makes an impression on the teeth using a malleable material that hardens after it cools.

  • Scan: The X-Clip is placed on the patient and a 3D scan of the affected area is taken.

  • Plan: The software is used to precisely place the implant virtually through advanced tools such as nerve visualization and parallel planning.

  • Navigation Surgery: The drill bit is calibrated, and once the procedure begins, interactive turn-by-turn guidance improves accuracy and speed of implant delivery.

Let's dive in to see how 3D Navigation works...

3D Dentistry Improves Safety of Advanced Treatments

The face is made up of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues that can be easily damaged when advanced dentistry services aren’t planned properly. 3D dentistry allows us to safely plan for even the most advanced procedures and protect your oral and overall health.

How does the X-Guide system work?

The X-Guide system integrates Cone Beam 3D imaging and X-Point™ navigation technology so that your doctor can see all the structures in your mouth in real-time as he is performing your surgery. This results in the safest and most aesthetically pleasing implant placement possible. Your oral surgeon will plan the best implant location based on your unique physiology using advanced software. During your surgery, a specialized radiation-free camera will be used along with your digital surgical plan for a complete detailed 3D view of your oral structures. The X-Guide navigation system will then act like GPS for placing your implants, providing real-time step-by-step guidance as your surgeon performs the surgery.

Developed in close collaboration with leading oral and maxillofacial surgeons, the X-Guide system offers oral surgeons the type of dynamic 3D navigation that is used in medical neurosurgery. X-Guide is a great leap forward for digital dentistry that offers unmatched dental implant results!

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